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He Spotted This Guy Walking Along The Highway And Gave Him A Ride…And Then A CAR! | HappyTango

He Spotted This Guy Walking Along The Highway And Gave Him A Ride…And Then A CAR!

When Andy Mitchell picked up a man he saw walking along the side of the road, he had no idea just how much of an impact his actions would have on the man’s life. The man, 20-year-old Justin Korva, was in the middle of his 3-mile walk to work at a restaurant in Texas. In the summer heat, the walk is dangerous, but Korva admitted that he had no choice. Public transportation in the area is both unreliable and, in his case, non-existent, so he was forced to save slowly for a car on his own.
Mitchell was impressed by the man’s dedication and decided to do what he could to help. He set up a donation box at a local pizza joint and advertised their plan to fund raise for a car.

They weren’t sure how much they would raise, but they figured that anything helped.

They were shocked to find that their goal had been reached within just 48 hours! They even had enough cash left over to purchase one year of car insurance, $500 on a gas card, and two years of free oil changes!

Korva had no idea that the stranger who had given him a ride that morning was planning such an incredible gift and was completely stunned when they presented him with a car just three days later.

Hard work paid off in this case, and he is so grateful!

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