He Spotted This Dog Wandering And Opened The Door…And Made A New Friend!

While working the graveyard shift, Deputy T. Davis posted an adorable selfie, and the story behind it is too sweet!

It was a brisk, rainy night when he spotted this pit bull wandering around on the streets looking for food. Nosing through piles of trash and sniffing along the sidewalk, Deputy Davis knew he needed to help. He opened the door and the adorable pup jumped right in, happy to be out of the rain! He then drove through a burger place and ordered some cheeseburgers to share. He figured that the dog must have had owners at one point because it was so friendly and trusting. He shared the picture, hoping that the owners would see it and claim their dog.

He drove the dog to the pound, but people are lining up to adopt the friendly dog if the owners don’t claim their pet anytime soon!

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