He Spotted This Couple As They Wrangled Their Young Twins In An Airport And Had A Message

He was waiting for his flight when a family caught his attention. They were struggling. The twin toddlers were getting into everything and darting off as soon as mom or dad turned away for even a moment. After the twins ran off into the nearby restaurant, mom brought them back just as they began to cry. One was screaming as she tried desperately to calm him down, and the other had a dirty diaper which dad was trying to handle amid the kicking and flailing of the young child.

He took a picture of the chaos just on the other side of the waiting area and had an important message for them.

They look a little frazzled.

Their flight is about to leave.

But they are handling it.

This is what parenting looks like.”

He was on his way to speak at a conference and was happily flying without his own three kids for the trip and could appreciate the hard work these parents were putting into their toddlers.

As parents, I think it’s good to hear that you are doing something right. And nothing can feel more wrong than taking small kids to the airport, or out to dinner, or to the mall, or to any other number of stressful parenting situations. And in that moment, when you’re knee deep in a steaming hot public toddler meltdown, it can feel like you are failing. But you know what, you’re not. If you are there, and you are caring for your children, you are doing exactly what you should.” He wrote.

He hopes that the parents, whoever they are, get to see his post. He hopes that they had an easy flight, and that they never stop doing what they’re doing – because they’re doing a good job!


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