He Spotted The Alligators Doing Something Incredible To Survive The Sudden Snow Storm!

When the lakes and rivers freeze over, the local wildlife has to find any way possible to survive, and one of those survival techniques hadn’t really been seen in a while! So, when the general manager of the Shallotte River Swamp Park realized what the alligators were doing, he just had to stop and get these pictures!Instead of becoming trapped in the icy water, the alligators will keep their snout lifted above the surface of the frozen riverbed in order to breathe while conserving energy. This also ensures that they won’t freeze to death in the frigid winds above the water. The animals are “survival machines,” the manager said, and people were stunned!

People were so interested in this rare glimpse at the survival technique that it went viral almost instantly! Tens of thousands of shares and likes flooded the park’s Facebook page that they never expected! They were glad to learn an interesting facts about the dangerous creatures, and the park’s manager was more than happy to share.

In a world filled with negative news and tragedies, seeing something fascinating was a nice change of pace for a lot of people!

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