He Spotted A Small Animal Lying Still As Death Near A Factory And Stepped Closer To Investigate…

Near a factory in Oldham, England, a man discovered a young fox cub, so near death that she wasn’t even interested in food or water. He snapped a picture of what he thought would be the animal’s last moments, hoping that he might be able to save it. But he was lost as to what to do next.10-20a8He called a fox specialist that worked closely with Freshfields Animal Rescue, Paul McDonald. McDonald could tell by the picture that cases like this seldom had a happy ending, but he was willing to try for the best. The man who found the animal named it “Red,” and they soon learned that little Red was little girl. McDonald referred her to a veterinarian, explaining that while he didn’t think she would pull through, the veterinarian might be able to make her last moments more comfortable.10-20a9The vet discovered that little Red was only suffering from a case of dehydration and a low body temperature. By the time she came to the veterinarian, the jostling and warmth had seeped back into her body, and when he administered an IV drip, found that she had recovered a bit of mobility. Red was too weak to stand on her own, but she was moving slowly.

McDonald resumed care and fed Red with a syringe of milk, and at one point in the night, came to check on her and found that she was standing all on her own!

He is hopeful that Red will soon be released back into the wild once more, happier and healthier than ever!


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