He Spots A Car Wrapped Around A Tree And Stops To Help Before Anyone Else. Chilling.

Clay Wolf Ward was on his way to grab a bite to eat at the Steak ‘n Shake when he saw a horrifying sight: a car had hit a tree and was smoking. Emergency services hadn’t responded yet. There were no fire trucks or ambulances or police cruisers, only a few curious onlookers who were beginning to stop, having just seen the accident themselves.

He got out of his car to help and assess the damage. A young kid had been driving the car, and the entire front end was smashed into a tree. The dashboard had pinned the kid’s leg and he couldn’t move. The car was so damaged, Ward could see the ground through the floorboards of the car…and then, the fire starts.11-8a1“No one has a fire extinguisher. I remember I have sharp things back in my car. Find scissors. Get seat belt cut off. Fire is in front seat. Leg is pinned too hard. We are pulling as hard as we can. Kid finally cries out ‘I want to live please save me!’ “

I want to live, please save me!”

A stranger showed up to help, and by the time they realized that they boy was really stuck, the tree had caught on fire, and had spread to the ground around them. People began to pull the boy in earnest, his leg is broken but he doesn’t care.

We all pull and pull and finally the kid falls to the he ground. I drag him further back and tell others to back up. The whole car is on fire now. Tires are popping. 2 minutes later police and fire arrive. No one else was injured and no one died. Shout out those men who helped me save that kid.”

Thanks to determined strangers, the lucky boy lives to see another day.


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