He Spilled A GALLON Of Milk Onto The Kitchen Floor! When His Mother Found Out, She Did THIS!

Kids make life so messy sometimes! They are still learning and growing, and some days, that can make them very clumsy! They might not realize why the things they do can upset us so much, especially since they don’t understand concepts like “money” and “I just cleaned that and now I have to start all over.” Our reactions shape how our children learn, and this scientist put it all in a very unique perspective!


I clearly remember finding a tub of paint and “redecorating” our playhouse in the back yard. I don’t think mom would have had a problem with it if I had used an old paint…but this was special paint that she had been planning to use to paint something else! I don’t remember what it was, I only remember that once she saw what I had done, she was very supportive of my “artistic” choices for the play house, but that next time I should ask her first. That mentality carried over into my own family, and as long as no one was hurt and nothing was ruined, I try to encourage creativity wherever it may pop up…even if it means we might need to repaint the bedroom walls once we move out…

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