He Spent His Weekend Doing THIS To Forgotten Graves Of Veteran’s Tombstones

Andrew Lumish works full time (and sometimes, a little extra) as the owner of a cleaning company in Florida. But no matter how busy his schedule gets, he spends his Sundays doing something that most people never think of doing: scrubbing gravestones. The process to clean a gravestone is arduous, and some of the stones have been neglected for so long that they can take months to be fully cleaned.

He started his project over two years ago and in that time has cleaned the markers for more than 300 veterans’ final resting places. The layers of dust, dirt, mildew, and grime take take weeks to remove – all with intense concentration – but he never gives up. Each weekend, he visits them, scrubbing and scraping with professional equipment to leave the stones in their original conditions.These veterans had been forgotten by time as their relatives died or moved away, leaving their gravestones to weather the elements as best they could. When a gravestone is finally cleaned, Lumish posts a before and after photo to his Facebook page, where thousands of people are grateful for his efforts.He shares what he has learned about each person when he finishes a project, allowing their memory and sacrifice to somehow live on. Some died young, but their memory deserved to be honored, even if an entire century has come and gone in their absence.Whether they died in service or decades later, they all deserve the same respect.Not everyone has the time to go out and give so much of their life to maintaining these gravestones, but Andrew Lumish¬†makes¬†time.

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