He Spent 3 Years Asking His Girlfriend To Marry Him With Love Letters. She Didn’t Notice Until Their 3rd Anniversary!

After three years of dating, Timothy thought it would be a fun idea to sit down and read the old love letters that he had sent her over the years. Candice was a difficult person to surprise, and Timothy knew right from the start that she was the one; she was worth it. He hatched a plan that would take years to fulfill, and his romantic gesture completely shocked her! She had no idea what he had been trying to ask her all along.

It totally caught me off guard,” Candice said.

The marriage proposal can only be seen after laying the letters out in order by dates. The question is hidden in the first letter of each romantic love note!The couple became engaged and their story quickly spread. 

They were introduced in 2009 and became friends even as their lives took different paths. Their friendship bloomed, and in 2013, they were in the same place at the same time to start dating! Within a week, Timothy had sent the very first love letter. He just knew.

We always look back and say we made the right choice by being good friends first.”

Does this proposal take the cake? We think so!

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