He Spent 3 Days Building A LEGO Masterpiece…And A Kid DESTROYED It In 3 Seconds!!

Building sculptures out of LEGOs is no longer just a hobby. Many people create life-sized characters for a living, and a lot more work goes into the craft than people realize. They use computers to create the basic patterns for their sculptures, and end up adjusting it all as they go along. It requires long hours, patience, and a lot of little bricks to make their designs come to life! For one man, all of his hard work came crashing down in just an instant.

Zhao, a 22-year-old in China created a statue of Nick Wilde, a character from the animated movie Zootopia for a LEGO expo.┬áThe art in question took over 10,000 bricks and three days to complete. He spent a lot of time on the head to make sure that it was just right – especially the eyes, which were the most difficult part of the whole process.

When he saw his own creation on display at the expo, he was so proud! And less than an hour later, he was crushed. A child crawled under the rope that was meant to keep spectators at bay and toppled the entire statue over. It crashed onto the ground into thousands of pieces. All of Zhao’s work was gone in an instant.

I felt really frustrated…”

But even though the child’s parents offered monetary compensation, he refused it. He understood that a child had no way of knowing what it meant to work for three days on something, much less to understand the concept of money. He was more upset at the employees who should have been more vigilant, or maybe used something other than ropes as a barrier.

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