He Snapped This “Unflattering” Photo Of His Wife And Son. She Insisted He Post It Anyway.

Kelsey was getting ready for the day like she always does. Today, she was straightening her hair and keeping the strands in place with a round brush as she worked. Her son, an adorable toddler called Kane, was mimicking her by using her mini travel straightener and a spare round brush, babbling and clamping the straightener just like mom was.

Later that night, her husband decided to show her the picture that he had taken that morning and her heart melted. It wasn’t a great picture – but she didn’t care.

You can take a million perfect selfies, but the pictures your kids will appreciate when they are older, are ones like this. The pictures I WILL appreciate when my kids are grown, are the ones like this. The ones that hold precious memories.” She wrote.

And she has a message for parents as a result.

Take more pictures! The love of your life and mother of your children is always the one behind the camera, trying to make everything perfect. So take more pictures of HER. The moments when she’s on the floor playing with your kids, making a mess in the kitchen or is soaking wet giving them a bath. Unplanned, but perfectly imperfect. Because those are the ones she will cherish forever.” She wrote.

The sentiment echoed across the internet as thousands of people shared and agreed. It doesn’t matter how you look in a photograph – not having them to look back on is heartbreaking, and the people who find themselves without memories of their deceased spouses urge others to take the advice.

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