He Snapped A Picture Of His Wife Sleeping And Posted It To FACEBOOK! It Instantly Went VIRAL!

With the invention of smartphones came a whole new world of possibilities. Now, you can snap a picture, write about it, upload it, and share it instantly with your friends and family. Hey, that’s pretty great. In my day, you had to wait a week for the shop to develop them, put the one that you took (oh, your eyes are closed? Too bad!) into an envelope, write a letter, and mail it to anyone that you wanted to see it. It was a simpler time, but I will admit that being able to take 5 pictures and choose the best one without having to “deal” with a bad one is just oh-so nice. This guy shows us how it’s done with one INCREDIBLE viral Facebook post.


Yes, while most of the things we see on Facebook are about what someone ate for breakfast or how bored they are at work, this post just blows them all out of the water. This man decided one morning that he wanted to share how dedicated and strong his wife is every single day, and she didn’t even realize that he had taken the picture! This is amazing, and I think he captured the “heart” of a dedicated nurse just perfectly.

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