He Sleeps Through Their Afternoon Plans…His Girlfriend Takes Fabulous Revenge!

Natalie W. had made plans with her boyfriend, Stephen H., to spend Sunday afternoon together. When he came home at 6 AM completely drunk, she knew that there was no way he was going to be awake for any of their plans. Instead of getting angry, she decided to get her sweet, sweet revenge. He didn’t care about her plans? Well, then she didn’t care about his!

She decided to document the entire hilarious ordeal while he was passed out – he never even moved! She was able to tilt his head and even give him a manicure while he snored away. He was exhausted and confused when he eventually woke himself up after scratching himself with his new fake nails. He thought it was a weird dream! She showed him his new look and told him that he came home like that – he almost believed her.

She took a few selfies with him before he was fully awake…

And then he realized the trick she had played and started laughing.

I’m really quite pretty,” he said!

He also admits that he’ll think twice before deciding to stay out all night without telling his girlfriend – oops!
He thought the entire thing was hilarious and didn’t even mind that he had to pry the fake nails off – which kind of hurt, he admits – and that he wasn’t surprised that she would pull such a silly prank on him.

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