He Set Out To Murder A Nest Of Hornets. The Internet Is Pretty Sure He Didn’t Survive…

At the time of this publication, just 48 hours have passed since this guy’s brother posted a picture of his “hornet murder suit” on the internet. That leaves only 47 hours and 58 minutes since anyone expected him to survive. ‘Sure,’ they speculated, ‘he may have survived the first wave of attacks, but anything farther than that…’ No one was confident in his ability to return unscathed…or at all.

The duct tape might stop the hornets from getting into his clothing initially, and the laundry-basket-helmet might dissuade all but the most determined hornet-soldiers from repeatedly jabbing through the holes…but so far, no word on what happened once he might raise his arms over his head and dislodge the duct tape.12-5z4This left people to hastily share their own tips for getting rid of pesky hornet nests. One person suggested waiting until sunset and leaving a boiling pot of soapy water directly underneath a nest. Someone suggested waiting until dark and tying a trash bag over the entire nest – and then running so fast – to suffocate them.

It led to more seemingly-outrageous methods (that still seemed like a better idea than this guy’s murder-suit) such as pouring gasoline into the nest, knocking the nest down from eaves, or spraying the entire nest with a water hose after the sun sets.

And many others just said that they stick to hornet spray that can be used from several feet away. There’s still no word on what happened to our brave friend, but we all hope that he made it out unscathed…however small that hope may be.


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