He Saw Two Police Officers Eating Their Dinner And Sat By Them On Purpose. His Reason Is Inspiring.

Joe Cadena was eating at a fast food restaurant when he spotted two police officers eating at a table nearby. He decided to help them and posted his story on Facebook. His words have shocked and stunned thousands.

Friday night, 4 days ago, 2 of their brothers were shot and hospitalized. Then 2 months ago, 5 officers from the next largest department, a county over (Dallas PD) were assassinated.

Tonight I sat behind these officers on purpose, I positioned myself between them and the door. I sat and ate my dinner, while they laughed and joked and enjoyed their time with each other (I felt the need to include that because some forget that police officers are normal people just like you and me) 9-21a1

I sat there silently after I finished my meal, and continued to watch both exits, while they ate, I did not leave until after they left.

Silently watching their 6, I was unarmed, however in the event that anyone would try to take their life, I would have been more than ready to sacrifice my own, for theirs.

Sounds crazy right? Why would you die for people you don’t even know?

Have you ever stopped and thought about the fact… that is what police officers are doing every single day?

I am a United States Marine, I know what brotherhood is, and even though these men are not Marines, they know what it is like to serve their country, their community, and the ones they love… and for that they are my brothers, and I will stand watch over them, the way they stand watch over me.

Enjoy your dinner Blue, Green has your 6.”

With the unrest and uncertainty of everyday life, it is easy to forget that other people are risking their lives to make sure that others live peacefully. One man decided to remind us all in a simple, touching way. If anything had happened that night, he would have died knowing that he helped, and that level of dedication is awe inspiring. In fact, it is downright heroic.


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