He Saw This Family Walking On The Side Of The Road. His Heart BROKE When They Told Him What Was For Dinner!

“Don’t pick up hitchhikers.” That’s what most horror movies want you to think, anyway. “That guy could be a murderer!” Or “They probably just want to steal your car!” People are more and more wary of strangers in our society…and with good reason. Everything that we see on the news is always so negative and only focuses on the bad stories that are meant to scare us or make us evenĀ moreĀ afraid of helping out the people around us who might be in need.

Aaron Lahasky didn’t listen to the “advice” given to us about safety. He didn’t think for one second that the group of people walking along the side of the road were “out to get him.” He saw a family in desperate need of a helping hand, and thankfully, he pulled over and met some of the most dedicated people he would ever meet in his life.


They had oranges after [going to] the grocery store and that was going to be their dinner.”

Aaron has gotten this family the platform that they needed to get back on their feet. With both parents actively looking for employment, thousands of people have pulled together in order to help this family before they ended up in an even worse situation. Aaron’s kindness and willingness to help them out and spread their story has given this family a fighting chance. Incredible!

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