He Saw Her STEAL $20 From A Blind Customer. He Did THIS After Calling Her Out!

We make choices everyday in life. Most of the time, those choices don’t have a huge impact on the rest of our days, much less our lives. We choose what to eat, what to wear, or where to buy groceries, but those choices usually don’t end up on the local news! Can you imagine for a second that you made a choice so big that after the story was covered on the local news, the internet picked it up and it went VIRAL? Suddenly, your name pops up in the Google drop-down box before you’ve finished typing it in. That choice you made affected many more people than just yourself. That’s what happened to this young kid, and his story is definitely worth reading!

Would you have made this choice? The blind man chose to go for ice cream that day. The nasty woman decided to take advantage of a sad situation and steal from someone who relied on others to stay honest. The store manager decided to try and make it right in the only way he knew how – he took the money out of his own pocket. Please share this story! I hope that this terrible woman sees it. She certainly needs a lesson in kindness!

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