He Saw An Opportunity To ATTACK A Female Police Officer Late At Night. What He Did About It Went VIRAL!

There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to law enforcement recently, and as a result, good officers are forced to take extra measures just to go about their daily routines. The sad truth is that until the general public can look at a police officer and feel safe, the problems will continue to escalate, leading to more uncertainty and more problems within the community. One brave teenager is going out of his way to change that mentality, and a thankful cop decided to share this story on Facebook!

It was a brisk Thursday morning, and this young guy was getting dropped off a school. His mom needed to stop for gas before they made it, so she pulled over and started the pump. That’s when he noticed this female officer on her own, pumping gas into the squad car. With permission from mom, he approached the officer and lent her his presence, just as a precaution. It wasn’t that she was female – he saw a lone officer and decided to help out, just because!

This story is so touching because it highlights what is good in our society amidst all of the bad. This considerate teen saw someone in need. This officer accepted the “extra eyes” without overreacting or causing a scene, and the boy’s mom saw nothing wrong with her son taking a few extra minutes before school to help keep his community safe from anyone who might have wanted to hurt an officer that didn’t have backup.

So many things could have gone wrong…but so many had gone right! This isn’t a fix for everything, but it sure is a good start! No wonder this story has been shared so many times!

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