He Saw A Classmate Drop ALL Of His School Books On The ground, But Never Imagined THIS Would Happen If He Stopped To Help. WOW.

Helping others isn’t something that comes naturally to me. I have to go out of our way to make someone’s life easier, and I won’t do much unless I consciously think, “I’m going to hold this door open for whoever is behind me,” or “I should let this guy cut in the grocery line because he only has 1 item.” It’s a hard habit to break, and while a lot of the time I will help if someone is obviously in need, I might not recognize the opportunity to help out as often as I should. Fortunately for this kid, he saw the opportunity to help and didn’t hesitate…


That’s right. Even the smallest action can change a person’s entire life. A smile, holding the elevator open, paying for someone’s coffee when they forget their wallet at home, or any other random act of kindness can totally change a person’s day – and sometimes, their life! I know that my day can go from mundane to wonderful in just moments from the kind words of a stranger, and I’m sure you’ve experienced times like these, too. You never know what someone is fighting for on the inside, so be kind to those around you…you never know who will need it the most!

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