He Reveals The TRUTH About His First Date With His Girlfriend And She Can’t Believe It

When the girl he liked sent him a message, this 17-year-old decided to do something selfless and decided not to tell her. When he finally confessed what he had done, people were stunned…and his confession went viral practically overnight!

When Destiny sent a message to Kittakone tell him that she was hungry, he knew that he wanted to do something nice for her. He picked her up after school and drove them to Chili’s for her favorite meal: a cheeseburger and fries. The only problem was that he didn’t have enough money for the spontaneous afternoon meal for two…but he did have enough for one.

He told her that he wasn’t hungry and insisted that she eat.
He counted his change under the table, hoping that she wouldn’t see how little he actually had and paid for her food when the bill came. Now that their relationship was strong, he posted the confession and the picture. Her response?

It don’t matter. It ain’t about the money, we could’ve went to the store and got some snacks.” She replied.

The adorable couple were inspiring others to spring romantic gestures on their own love interests! Even a bag of chips from the corner store – it’s the thought the counts, they said!

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