He Restores Faith In Humanity By Walking This Woman Across The Parking Lot!

In South Carolina, an elderly woman was trying to make her way across a parking lot. She had been shopping and found that the day was hotter than she realized. It had been long, she was tired, but she still had quite a ways to walk before she could reach her car in the handicapped parking spot. It wasn’t far for most people, but for her, it was an eternity.6.21a8Bo Graf witnessed a man holding the old woman’s hand and snapped a picture. He had just finished eating at Ingles Market and found himself running late. He normally ate lunch at an earlier time each day, but something told him to push the clock a bit, and he believes it was so that he could take this picture.

Graf said that witnessing this young man help an elderly woman restored his faith in the future of his country. The moment touched his heart and left him feeling good. He wanted to share the moment with everyone, so he posted the picture on social media, where it quickly went viral.

He thinks that events like this are going viral so easily because the world needs more events like it. Good role models, good deeds, and good people, he says, are not as common as they once were. His opinion is that by sharing these events, they will occur more often, and our society could really use it.

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