He Reluctantly Hires A Bus Boy With Down Syndrome Only To Have THIS Happen A Few Months Later!!

People with disabilities still face discrimination every day. While our society is trying to move forward by setting up employment options and supporting them in other ways, we still have a long way to go. Only a few decades ago, they would be sent to live in homes that were not equipped to deal with all of the different types of disabilities, and if they were born to a poor family, they really didn’t have many options for living a normal life. Although society has become more open-minded, there is still a lot of prejudice to overcome before we can count on a supportive network for those of us who live with disability day after day. This diner owner realized something incredible after hiring this boy, and it’s a lesson that he decided to share with everyone.


This story is too wonderful! This owner was so worried that his new employee wouldn’t be accepted because of the way he was born…but he didn’t need to worry at all! I wish that everyone could be as kind as these diners. Remember to always be kind to those around you. You can never be sure who truly will need your support the most. I love this!

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