He Received A Heartbreaking Diagnosis And Turned To Strangers For Help. He Just Wanted A New Home For His Best Friend!

Near the end of January, Walt Hollier was given the most terrible news. He had been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer, and his doctors said that it was terminal. They estimated that he would only live to see another few months, and that’s when Hollier knew that he would need to make some very hard decisions. He looked at his life and realized that he’d been given an opportunity to get things in order before his time came. For starters, he would be able to find loving homes for his two dogs, Diego and Doc.

His family members agreed that they could take Doc in, but they wouldn’t be able to care for Diego. The 8-year-old Red Heeler might have been low maintenance, but he was also high energy. He loved to run and swim and play. He loved to ride in the back of the pickup and explore. Hollier’s family wouldn’t be able to give him the life he’d grown used to, so Hollier reached out to strangers for help.  He thought a few people might share it around…but when over 100,000 people got involved, he was floored. Now, he would be able to make the best decision for Diego because he had hundreds of options to choose from!

In the end, he decided to give Deigo to a facility known as The Last Resort. It was a recovery center that had been build on 50 acres of land, where Diego could run free, make friends with the animals kept on the land, and comfort the people staying there as a service dog!

The best news was the the resort was only a half-hour away. Until his time came, Hollier would still be able to visit his best friend.

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