He Rang Her Doorbell And Knocked. He Didn’t Want To Leave, But She Refused To Open The Door.

Melissa Vang didn’t want to open the door. The young man ringing the doorbell wasn’t someone that she knew, and she wasn’t expecting any visitors. Even though he waited outside and tried to get her attention, she wasn’t going to answer it. Too many horror stories in the news had scared her, and she was home alone with her two young children. But after he left, she checked the surveillance camera at their front door…and instantly regretted her choice!

In the video, she saw the man hold up a wallet…the money clip was her husband’s! It had $1,500 in cash, all of his cards, and important information. It had fallen out of his pocket in the driveway and the man had found it while passing out fliers to homes in the neighborhood. He held up the wallet to the home’s security camera and placed the wallet on the welcome mat before walking away. 

She immediately tried to find him. The man was 18-year-old Tyler Opdyke, a college student who was passing out flier for extra money. The thought of having that much cash all at once was tempting, but after his story was shared on Facebook, he decided to share a bit more about himself.

He admitted that he couldn’t have taken the money. He didn’t know their family or what they might be going through. He’d been raised in church and knew that taking it would be wrong.

Vang rewarded him and explained that the money had been collected from their family members in preparation for a family event. She wanted to share the story so that other could see that not every bit of news is bad – and that there should be more good news in the world.

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