He Put A Bit Of White Out On His Shower Handle…The Reason Why Is Amazing!

When you wake up each morning and hit the shower, the freezing cold water doesn’t feel any good at all. Moving the switch and ending up with hot water is just as unbearable either. How to solve this problem? This video will show you how a white out fixes your dilemma along with other cool life hacks that you can do right now.

Take a bottle of nail polish or white out, and turn on the shower. Adjust the shower handle until you find that sweet spot for the temperature you like. Using your marker, paint a line where the trim plate and handle meet. Next time you wake early morning, you won’t feel shocked with the water any longer.

Are you constantly bugged by ads on your mobile game apps? Why not switch to airplane mode. This will instantly disconnect your phone from pop up commercials. Do you save up plastic bags from the grocery, but can’t seem to find a storage for them? Well, there’s a solution for that. Find out how easy it is in the video.

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