He PROPOSES To His Girlfriend In The Footnotes Of His Published Paper!

Watching marriage proposal videos on YouTube can easily suck up hours of your free time. There is just something about a public, heartfelt proposal that makes us happy to witness! Two people who are madly in love pledging to spend the rest of their lives together is like an everyday fairy tale. Finding creative ways to tell that special someone that you are ready to commit to them 100% can get tricky, but one man has taken the cake in asking his girlfriend to take the next step of their journey together.!

David Tamayo was ready to propose to his favorite person in the world, Carolina. They are both researchers and have spent over 10 years together. They are both very active in the scientific community and put everything into their research papers. David had spent many, many hours on his latest paper, “Mussels, the Secondary Protagonists of this History.”

When he got notified that his paper had been published, he quickly asked Carolina to download it! Under the pretense of helping him discover an error (so that she would read every word of it!) he sad nearby and waited for her to find his hidden question.
7.13a1 When she got to the question, he stepped back and went down on one knee, waiting for her to realize what he had just asked her with ring in hand! Carolina said “yes!”

The couple plan to be married the next year in Spain, and David’s sister is excited to have Carolina as a new sister-in-law.7.13a2How cute are these two?!

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