He Proposed To His Girlfriend…And He KNEW That She Was Terminal!

Anna Swabey is 24, but doctors tell her that she will be dead within 3 years. With only 3 years left to live, she thought her life was practically over. Diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, she decided not to delete her Tinder account (a dating app) and see what happened.

She met a man named Andy Bell, 26, who instantly fell in love with Anna’s humor and clever wit. He wanted to meet her in person and suggested that the two get to know one another over a few drinks. She liked him as well but couldn’t keep her secret from him.

He was shocked by what she told him…but still wanted to meet this incredible and brave woman. Anna was skeptical. Most guys would have abandoned ship, but Andy still wanted to meet. She hoped that he hadn’t invited her on a date out of pity.7.12a5

But their chemistry was undeniable and the pair were soon spending as much time as possible together. They soon met each other’s family and fell even deeper into love. The next step? Deciding if it was worth it to even begin dating when Anna would be gone in only a few short years.

Andy was inspired by Anna’s bravery. She remained positive throughout the constant visits to the hospital and the countless scans to monitor her brain tumor. They struggle when they think about the future, so they try to focus on the time they have right now and live in the present.

He goes with her to chemotherapy treatments, visits during hospital stays, and waits patiently during surgeries, never giving up on her.

He has proposed even knowing that he will be a widower before the age of 30.7.12a6

All I want is to be able to introduce her as my wife. I can’t wait for that moment.”

The two plan to get married in September of 2016.

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