He Pops The Question At Their First Date! But She Shocked Him When They Spoke On The Phone Only One Day Later!

We’ve all got a list of things we would never do on a first date! The whole point of going to dinner with someone new is to try and get to know them, not open up a joint bank account or buy a house together. But being cautious may be something that young people care more about than the old. When you reach a certain age, it makes no sense to think about the future. It’s probably the same reason that my late grandmother adopted multiple animals right before the end. She’d always wanted a house full of pets, so what was she waiting for? Admittedly, this next story is a bit more serious than adopting stray kittens, but it’s still just as adorable.

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I haven’t thought about what I’ll want out of life when I’m in my nineties. It’s still a few decades away…but I hope that I might be able to live and love and laugh this freely when I get there! Life is about living. We tend to forget that fact under the stress of everyday life. Chasing bills, going to work, and trying to make time for fun on the weekends can get overwhelming. I hope to be able to live just like these folks – one day at a time! Who knows what the future will hold!

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