He Planned A Surprise In Plain Sight! This Is The Sweetest Proposal! She Totally Fell For It.

He had been dating her for a while and knew that he wanted to marry her. She had one son, and he had two sons and one daughter. The kids got along and everyone was happy. It was time to merge their two little families into one big one. But he wasn’t sure how to go about it. He wanted the kids to be involved, and he wanted to capture the moment forever…so he contacted a mutual friend.

The friend, Angela, is a photographer and he knew that she would help him along. So, one day he told his girlfriend, Carla, that he wanted to have holiday pictures taken that year…and that maybe Angela would consider the idea. Carla fell for it and planned it.

On the day of the photo shoot, he told the women that he had an idea. If the kids held up blank poster board, would they be able to photoshop the words in later? Angela said yes, so he ran to the car and brought out the “blank” posters. The top one was blank, and that was the one he showed to Carla. He carefully gave each card to the children who were all in on the plan.

Angela signaled for the kids to hold up their “blank” cards, and that is when he dropped to one knee! Carla saw the cards and put her head in her hands, delighted and shocked all at once!

Carla Varnell, will you marry me?”


And of course, she said yes! 🙂

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