He Passed Away…But Not Before Ordering This Edible Arrangement For His Wife Left Behind

Dealing with loss is different for everyone, but one thing we all wish for is to know that they are somehow still with us. They might be dead, buried a graveyard, cremated and scattered in the river, but we hang on to that hope that they have moved on in some way. While everyone has a different idea of how that might actually be possible, mourning for a close relative is heartbreaking. Losing a spouse or a child is devastating. But hoping that they are just out of reach – and not gone forever – gives us all the hope to keep on living day after day.

This grieving widow received an unexpected delivery from her recently departed husband, and the note printed on the card has brought thousands of people to tears.
11-21a8Their relationship, comments said, was what most people hope to find in their own lives. This husband’s love for his wife allowed him to do something difficult. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to comfort her once he had passed on, but leaving a small piece of himself for her to discover after his own death might make the entire process just a little easier.

It also has inspired others to do similar acts of love. While they might not be able to order a custom bouquet, they might write a letter and hide it in their things to hopefully be found later.


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