He Overheard A Kid LAUGHING At A Vietnam War Vet. This Is What He Did About It.

Marcus Pass will never forget the day he was able to not only confront a bully, but make a huge difference in someone else’s life when they needed help the most.

While out eating lunch at a restaurant, her overheard something disturbing. A young man came out of the restroom laughing. He was joking to his friends that there was this man “crying on the toilet” and making fun of him for it.

Marcus knew that if someone was crying in the restroom, they probably needed some help. He walked into the restroom and did what most people wouldn’t.

I ask him if he’s ok; he said that his legs were too weak to stand up and he left his cane by the door, I asked him to unlock the door and helped the man up and got his pants up for him. The man had a Vietnam veteran hat on and gave me a hug. He told me that he’s 69 years old and that this was the most embarrassing moment in his life with tears in his eyes.”

Marcus shook the man’s hand and helped him back out into the lobby…but not before making a stop at the teen’s table to get an apology.

Holding people accountable for their actions is important, and hopefully that young guy learned that his behavior was not acceptable.

Moral of the story getting old is inevitable, but being a complete jerk to a stranger is not.”

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