He Opened Her Notebook And Read Something That She Had Scribbled Without Thinking…7 Years Later, They Were Engaged!

Love means different things to different people. Some people care more about looks or appearances. Some people appreciate a stable job and a full bank account. And some still appreciate someone who can be adventurous and don’t mind not knowing what the future will hold. Love comes in all different shapes and sizes, but when we find the right person to love, it might not be the type of love that we dreamed about as children. Love is surprising and exciting, and as this woman discovered, it found her in a way that she never fully expected!


Love is more than just saying “I love you.”


He saw her for the first time in that notebook. He saw a clear snapshot of who his friend was through her words scribbled in haste. Words that she never thought anyone would read. These were words that she never thought anyone else would understand…but he did! The best part about this story is that she was hopeful for love, but content to have this wonderful person as a friend instead if it wasn’t meant to be. It’s a sweet look into new love, and how a single spark can thrive and grow into a solid relationship! For her, it led to marriage. For others, it leads them on a wild adventure. I sure am glad she decided to write that poem in her notebook that day…who knows what would have happened if she had just ignored the feeling!

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