He Opened A Back Pack…And Discovered $187,000! What He Did Next? Many People Wouldn’t Have.

The sad truth is that the majority of us are living with thousands of dollars in debt. From mortgages to student loans to credit cards, even a windfall of $5,000 would make a world of difference to getting our lives back on track. So, what if you discovered nearly $200,000 just sitting in a backpack? It would probably solveĀ allĀ of your problems and set your kids up for the future!
7.13a3That is exactly what happened to Ray “Buzzy” MacCausland, a cab driver who has been in business for over 50 years. He’s heard and seen it all…but last week, he discovered something that he never thought possible. After picking up a homeless man and dropping him off at a hotel, he was told to wait outside for the man to return. The man left a worn out backpack in the back seat as a sign of good faith that he would return to pay the fare…but 30 minutes later, the man had not returned.

Most cab drivers would have gone about their day – time is money in this business, after all – but Ray was concerned. He opened the backpack to look for an ID. Instead of a state ID, he found stacks and stacks of $100 and $50 bills that totaled $187,000!
7.13a4The passenger had told Ray that he was homeless and living in a shelter for the past 6 months. Ray drove right to the police station with the cash. After a little digging, they confirmed that the homeless man had recently received an inheritance. They got into contact with the man who was urged by Police Commissioner William Evans to give a reward to the cab driver…who walked away with only $100. How rude.

But when the Royal Caribbean Cruise line heard about the ordeal, they offered Ray and his wife a 7-day vacation via their Ticket to Adventure program as a reward for his selfless act!

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