He Noticed That The Boy’s Shoes Were Torn And Worn Out. He Can’t Help What He Does Next.

Many people don’t realize that a child not having shoes is a larger problem than anyone knows. Dozens of charities have popped up for this one specific reason. When kids don’t have shoes, they don’t go to school. They stay home and miss out on their education because having shoes is a part of the dress code, and violators end up getting sent home anyway. This boy wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t get sent home, but never thought he would end up with THESE.

So today this little boy came into the store and asked me ‘Where do you guys have the cheapest shoes?’ So I showed him where they are. Then I asked him if these were for school. He said yeah. I looked at his feet and saw the shoes that he was wearing were destroyed. Literally, they were breaking apart. I asked him if he wore that for the first day of school and he said yes. He told me in a low voice a story and that broke my heart. I can’t share the story because I respect his privacy.

I told him don’t worry. Pick any shoe you like.

He said ‘I’m not gonna have the money, just show me the sale rack.’

I told him ‘Don’t worry, I’ll buy them for you.”

He was like ‘Really?!!’

The boy didn’t have to think about which shoes were his favorite – he had had his eye on them for a while but never dreamed that he might actually own them. He as budgeting and trying to save money. The store clerk saw that kindness in the boy and made him promise one thing:

Get good grades and be good in school.

He said he promises. He kept telling me this is unreal and couldn’t believe it was happening. So my new buddy walked out of Finish Line with a brand new pair of shoes for the school year.9-12a6

Nothing makes me more happy than seeing someone with a smile on their face. Helping people is the best gift god has given me. Have a good school year. Bless up.”

The employee didn’t realize how great of a reach his actions would cause. His post went viral and has inspired others to give to the local charities in their areas to make sure that all kids have shoes, especially since the weather is cooling down in many parts of the country.


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