He Moved To The USA To Get A Job In San Francisco…But Instead Of Sending Resumes, He’s Giving Donuts

Lukas Yla knew that it would be nearly impossible to land a job in the tech world of San Francisco, so he came up with a plan to get the attention of potential employers by targeting their hiring managers. He has recently moved to the USA from Europe, but he had a plan to get noticed right at the start.

He dressed up as a delivery guy and rode to each company, delivering delicious donuts that wouldn’t be turned down. He even printed out professional looking shirts that would get him a pass through the front door. When the managers opened the box, they were greeted with a short, descriptive message telling them who he was, what he wanted, and how they could reach him.10-5a6Who could say no to donuts?10-5a7Well, some have. Yla has delivered over 40 boxes so far and landed 10 interviews. As competitive as the job market in the city is, 10 out of 40 calls for an interview is very impressive. Most hopefuls never receive a call, even after sending out hundreds of resumes.

While he might not have landed a job yet, he is determined to land a job. He won’t give up until he gets one, and he probably won’t stop at donuts! He’ll do what it takes to get hired, but until then, he’s entertaining the world with his clever antics.


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