He Met An Exhausted Woman At The Drive-Thru Window…On A Whim, He Helped Send Her To Nursing School

Donald Carter was tired after a long day and decided to get fried chicken at the drive-thru on his way home. The woman working the window was obviously just as tired as he was, so he says that he’s exhausted too. He asked what else she does, besides working at a fast food joint, and he answer throws him.

Nothing, but I’m about to go back to school for nursing.” She said.

When he asked what kind of nurse, she was frustrated. “It don’t even matter!” Her reaction stuck with him. She was so desperate to work towards her dream, but she was held back by a minimum wage job with a demanding schedule.

I drive off and pull up to my house a few minutes later I eat my chicken in front of the house and as I messily crunch on some fried chicken, I get this idea. What if I got some friends together and we put this girl through school to get her CNA license?

I don’t know her. Never seen her before today. Nothing. The thought just dawned on me. I have about 1300 or so “Friends” on FB, I think. If I put the call out there, maybe people would want to do something kind for this random young woman. So we did. We raised over $15,000 for Shajuana to go to nursing school, the power of kindness is beautiful.”

He started out only wanting to raise $1,500, the total cost of the program he had found online…but his campaign went viral, and strangers from around the country pitched in to “send a random girl to┬áCNA school.”

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