He Made An Event For The Most Mundane Thing Ever…But 5,000 People RSVP’d!

When Corey Dunkin made a Facebook Event for a trip to McDonald’s to grab some delicious nuggets, he thought it was a joke. He reached out to the store to let them know that “he and some friends” would be stopping by to grab some of their famous nuggets. When they didn’t respond, he was a little upset…but as it went viral, over 5,000 people said they were going to join him!

At first, he created the event as a joke, letting the fast food restaurant know that he was going to come by with some friends, but they didn’t respond. Eventually, the post got picked up by more and more people who thought the idea was hilarious, and McDonald’s Corporate got involved, inviting Dunkin and his friends to make a day of it!They dedicated a register for nugget-only orders and even set aside a table just for him and his friends!Thousands of people found the event page and RSVP’d, and while most people said they were going as a joke, a lot of strangers actually did show up for the nugget-eating event! For people who couldn’t make it, they took selfies and tweeted at McDonald’s and Dunkin to show their support and love of chicken nuggets!

It may have started as a joke…but it ended as a party!

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