He Lugged His AED To Every. Single. Event. For 21 Years! He Never Had To Use It Until Now!

Athletic trainers are essential to the players on the field. They are always ready for anything that the players might need. Water, bandages, you name it and they are ready for it. But one Moeller High School trainer might just be a little more prepared than most others for the simple fact that he has carried an automated external defibrillator (AED) to every sporting event.

Because of his attention to detail and general preparedness, he is gaining national attention. He saved a life.

Centerville High School’s lacrosse team was playing Moeller when Grant Mays collapsed suddenly on the field. The teen had just taken a forceful lacrosse shot hard in the chest. He was unconscious

Centerville teenager Grant Mays collapsed on the field unconscious after taking a lacrosse shot hard off his chest. The trainer, Craig Lindsey, knew the signs and immediately brought the AED onto the field. He revived Mays and saved his life.

As soon as I lifted his jersey up and saw the reddened area, I knew we were dealing with an event called commodial cortis event. It’s where the heart is in between beats and there is a direct blow to the chest wall.”

Moeller athletic trainer Craig Lindsey quickly responded to the situation by using an automated external defibrillator (AED) to revive Mays. If they had been forced to call an ambulance, Mays would have died. It was the first time he had used it in 21 years.

You know, an event like that when you don’t have the proper equipment can go really, really bad really, really quick…”

Two other professionals were there to assist Lindsey, and if it weren’t for them, Mays might not have been able to return to school the next day…or graduate the next weekend.

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