He Lost His Wife 3 Days After Childbirth, Both Legs, And 9 Fingers Within Days Of Each Other. Now He Owns His Own Business.

In 1993, Yue Jin thought his life was over. He was cutting firewood in the mountains when he slipped and fell. He landed at the bottom of a deep valley and very nearly died from his injuries. His wounds were so severe that doctors were forced to amputate nine of his fingers and both of his legs. His family was already struggling, and now he had no way to earn a living.
His wife had died only 3 days after giving birth to a perfect baby girl, and Yue Jin was distraught over having this new responsibility without the help of his wife. When he realized that he would now have to provide for the infant after losing his limbs, he had to make a plan.
He left his baby girl in the care of his kind neighbors and went out to beg on the streets. He was given a few coins here and there, and was given food…but it wasn’t enough to sustain both himself and provide a good future for the infant.
5.17a20 But he had too much pride to continue living this way. He made a plan and put his life savings (barely $100) to good use. He invested in bicycle repair tools and attended a training session to learn about the job. It was incredibly difficult to learn how to maneuver the tools with his palms and only one finger, but he managed to come up with a way to get the jobs done all the same.
Yue Jin worked his way to success, and now has his own bicycle repair shop to support himself. His daughter was able to grow up and get married, and wanted him to come and live at her home.
But he had grown to love his work. He enjoyed earning his way through life and is proud of what he has been able to accomplish. He has been given the nickname “strong brother” by his peers, and his repair shop has never been more successful after his story went viral! He learned how to make the best out of an awful situation, and he is happy that the was able to overcome the most terrifying obstacles.

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