He Lost His Class Ring In A Snowball Fight In 1966. Amazingly, It Has Been Returned!

In 1966, Roy Goodlow proudly wore his class ring during his senior year of high school. One brisk afternoon while driving with a friend, he spotted a group having a snowball fight and the pair couldn’t resist pulling over to join in. But the fun soon turned to disappointment as Roy felt his class ring slip off of his finger as her flung a snowball at a passing student.9-23a14

He was upset, and although everyone stopped to try and help him find it, the ring had been swallowed up by the snow. He went home without his ring, but he wasn’t sad that he had lost it – he had never been one for jewelry – he was scared that his parents would find out that he had carelessly lost it.

But they never seemed to notice.” And so Roy moved on.

But this year, Perry Deton, a man with a hobby of metal detecting, made the discovery. He dug up the ring and showed it to his kids, who were able to track down Roy using his initials, the school’s name, and the graduating year. They contacted the alum to get in touch with Roy, and the two met in the very park where the ring had been discovered. 9-23a13

The ring no longer fits, but Roy plans to bring it to his high school reunion and drop it over his wife’s neck on a chain.

That’s what we did back then when we wanted a girl to be our girlfriend.” Roy explained.

Perry was just amazed that no one else had discovered the ring in all that time. He had seen many others using a metal detector in that same area, but he’s glad that he was the one to find it.


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