He Lost His Christmas Bonus, But Thanks To Over 1 Million People, He Got It Back!

There wasn’t much information on the strange orange envelope found by the workers at the Alexandra pub one frigid Thursday night in December. It was cold outside, and everyone was bundled up in thick coats. It made perfect sense that a small package had gotten left behind. Having fallen out of a jacket pocket, the envelope simply had the word “Mariusz” written in black ink. No company name, no address, no phone number…nothing. Inside, £600 were left unclaimed.

They didn’t know what to do…so they decided to ask the internet for help!

The sent out a plea for anyone named “Mariusz,” and pulled the CCTV footage from the bar. The package went unclaimed, and people shared the story over a million times. Eventually, the real Mariusz’s son saw the post on social media and asked his dad if it was him.

…It turned out that the man did not use social media and hadn’t even reported the money as missing because he didn’t want his wife to find out what he’d done! The money was his Christmas bonus from work, and when he realized that he’d lost it, he just shrugged it off, thinking it stolen and spent. 

They returned the money, and Mariusz gave the bar a generous tip for their efforts!

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