He Lost 200 Pounds In One Year, But Deleted His Account When Bullies Discovered His Pictures.

And people have had enough of it! His username was TheWalkingJoey on Instagram, and he had spent an entire year of his life losing weight the healthy way. He had been dieting, exercising, and training for a 5k. His actions inspired thousands of people to do the same, and after he reached an impressive goal – losing 210 pounds! – he posted this picture celebrating his incredible accomplishment.

Instead of celebrating with him, bullies began flooding his account with horrible comments (from their mother’s basements, probably) that were so hurtful, TheWalkingJoey deleted everything he had posted and shut down his account.

Supporters began posting their support online with the hashtag #IStandWithJoey, hoping that he would see their words of encouragement. His followers didn’t want the trolls to win. They started posting similar pictures to show their own progress, inspired by TheWalkingJoey and all of his motivational posts.

They left messages along with the hashtag in the hopes the Joey would see them and know that he was inspiring so many people. 

Others began uploading photos of Joey that they had saved, reminding him of the incredible progress that he had made and how his pictures inspired them to do the same every single day.

His friend updated everyone on Joey’s current state, and thousands of people have flooded her account with support for Joey.

He is in shock that this many people care about his situation at all. He never expected anything like this. He doesn’t understand that he deserves all this love. It breaks my heart that he can’t see himself the way I do or that you guys do.”

He still hasn’t re-opened his accounts, but his story is inspiring people everywhere to fight back against internet bullies! #IStandWithJoey!

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