“He Looks Like Einstein” Says His Running Team. They Made A Lookalike Mascot!

71-year-old Carl Elliot didn’t think much of it as his hair turned white; it’s all a part of aging. Like a tiger earning its stripes, or getting a “senior coffee” at McDonald’s, he went about his life as he always had and enjoyed being a part of a local running club. He had a mustache, and over time, it too turned white.

His friends realized that he was starting to look more and more like Albert Einstein, the legendary scientist, as time went on. (Even his eyes take on that “knowledgeable” sheen!)

They decided to do something a bit silly that turned into a social media sensation. His fellow club members crafted this custom Albert Einstein teddy with their running top to match for the “granddad” of the group.

Carl’s really well liked and he looks after the people who’ve never run before and the slow runners. He’s like a granddad to everyone.”

They have even gone so far as to create a Facebook page for the “mini-Carl” mascot. The page encourages old and new runners alike to join the team on running trips out to France, Austria, and even the United States. Carl runs around 30,000 miles each year and he loves his little mascot.

And people love it. They take turns picking up the mascot and taking him on runs. They post pictures of all the places they run to, and this little mascot is “running” more miles than the running club!

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