He Lights Water On Fire With The Coolest Survival Trick I’ve Ever Seen!

Elegant and beautiful, a water candle is all you need to add instant romance to any night of the week. Sure, you can easily buy a regular candle but it does not come close to how cool and fancy this water candle is. Plus, it is very simple and easy to make that it is quite unfair how much bragging rights you get after crafting it. Are you ready to begin with this quick project?

Start by cutting out a piece of plastic bottle or any kind of thin plastic. Straighten it out and measure the top of the glass jar you will use. Cut it so that it fits inside. In the plastic, poke a hole at its center for the wick. You can take out one from an existing candle or buy from a craft store. Make a knot near one end and put it into the plastic disc. Fill the jar with water leaving about a centimeter of room at the top and fill the rest with cooking oil. Add the wick until the plastic is submerged in oil. Ignite the wick and bring light to any room you desire.

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