He Left The Store And Couldn’t Find His Wallet. Then, He Got A Call From This Employee With An Important Update

Jose R. was out shopping at the nearby Costco just like he would any other day, but this time, his trip ended in a bit of a panic. After he left, he realized that he had somehow left everything behind; his wallet, his papers, his cards, and even cash. He must have left it at the check-out counter, but he couldn’t be sure. That’s when he got the call that his wallet had been found. Jose was glad, but he wasn’t sure what would be in it. Usually, returned wallets are emptied of cash and sometimes important IDs or cards. He didn’t know what to expect…until Costco worker, Rudolfo, absolutely stunned him.

This gentleman’s name is Rodolfo G. and he works the Costco. He called me and sent them back intact. Thank you for your honesty and decency. There are still good people in our country.”

The story was shared thousands of times, and surprisingly, people admit that Jose isn’t alone. In comment after comment, people remembered times where they had left their wallets, bags, phones, and even paperwork that made it up to the customer service counter without being stolen or tampered with! While there may be some scummy people out there in the world…there are still some good ones.

And this guy is one of them! Jose hopes that he gets the thanks and recognition that he deserves at the end of the day!

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