He Left His Home In Freezing 39 Degree Weather…And Found THIS BABY On The Porch!

Gary and Ray are contract workers who live just a few houses from one another. Gary usually walks to Ray’s house in the morning, and the two head out to work together. But one morning, Gary had a strange feeling that he just couldn’t shake. It woke him up earlier than usual, and once he was ready to walk over to Ray’s house, he found himself rushing for some unknown reason. They say that this kind of thing is a sixth sense…and in this case, it saved a baby’s life.

Gary found an infant wrapped tightly in a car seat on Ray’s front porch. Sucking on a pacifier, the 3-month-old baby was freezing cold, but wasn’t crying. They took they baby inside at once. Gary tried to warm the baby up while Ray made phone calls to find out who would have left a baby on his front porch.

The television was showing the news, and thankfully, an Amber Alert flashed across the screen. Little baby Dakota was the unfortunate victim of a car jacking. Her father had left the car running with the heater on to run a quick errand. He didn’t want to take her out into the frigid temperatures just to grab something…but car jackers didn’t see the infant in the backseat – they only saw a car with the keys in the ignition.

They “dumped” the baby on a random porch. Did they know that Gary would spot the baby? No one knows for sure. But thankfully, Gary went to Ray’s house early that day, and saved a baby’s life.

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