He Knocked On A Neighbor’s Door, Looking For Odd Jobs. His Reason? He Wanted To Take His Girlfriend On Their First “Real” Date!

One balmy Sunday afternoon, Ryan Cox heard a knock at the door. It was a young kid who said he was offering to mow lawns or other odd jobs in exchange for cash. At first, Cox declined the offer…until the kid spoke up and admitted that he was raising money to take his girlfriend out for pizza on their first real date! He posted the entire story on Facebook, and it quickly went VIRAL! It turns out, thousands of people can relate to this young man’s ambition and hard work!


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They took it upon themselves to find work for the motivated teen, finding work for him to do around the neighborhood and raising enough money for him to take his lucky lady out for lunch!

The story gets better! The news of his hard work spread quickly, and the owner of the pizza shop ended up giving them a complimentary meal! They had been dating for 6 months, but their very first date will be something to remember for the rest of their lives! This kid has learned the value of a hard day’s work, and many people agree with the man who posted the story…

We areĀ allĀ impressed by whomever is raising this boy! They are doing a wonderful job!

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