He Knew He Wouldn’t Be Able To Afford College…So He Started Selling Papers At Just 12-Years-Old!

At just 17 years old, Kevuntez King has stood at a busy intersection to sell newspapers. It wasn’t always easy, but he started spending his Sunday mornings selling newspapers at the age of 12. People began to recognize him and made sure to purchase a newspaper each week once they realized what he was trying to accomplish. Eventually, he made roughly $200 each week. Some of his biggest fans go out of their way to see him, sometimes bringing him snacks or a cold drink to make it through the day!

Make sure you surround yourself with people trying to go up in life, that aren’t trying to bring you down.”

He kept straight A’s all through school because he knew that it would get him into a good college. His mother raised him on her own and taught him that if you want something in life, you have to go get it…no matter how hard or challenging it may be! 

He was accepted into Tennessee State University – a goal that he was able to afford on his own. He plans to study physical therapy, a subject that he is very passionate about. He plays multiple sports and loves to stay active. Bowling, playing golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, and swimming are some of his favorite pastimes.

When he was accepted to the university, everyone was proud of him…his mother most of all!

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