He Kept His Passion For Pole Dancing A Secret For 3 YEARS! Here’s What His Wife Has To Say!

Finding fun ways to exercise is hard, and for people who don’t like to move around, it can be the difference between working out…or staying put on the couch to watch our favorite shows instead. Some people lift weights at the gym while others go for a run around town. And some? Well, for this man, pole dancing turned out to be a most unexpected answer!7.3a15 As you can imagine, he wasn’t sure what his wife would think about his adventure. He decided to keep it a secret for as long as possible…until one day, Carole found gold hot-pants and pole dancing DVDs shoved in the side of a chair while cleaning. She confronted her husband, but wasn’t satisfied with his answer. She didn’t talk to him about the subject for 3 years, but was hurt when he continued. 7.3a16

Finally, she demanded that he stop completely. Was he using the class as an excuse to stare at half-dressed younger women? Was he secretly gay? She didn’t believe him when he said that he loved the sport with all of his heart.7.3a17

He begged her to come to the studio and watch one of his routines, and reluctantly, she agreed.

Carole could instantly tell that her husband had found his passion. This wasn’t just some mid-life crisis, and it wasn’t a way to watch younger girls. He had put his heart and soul into dancing, and he was in great shape because this was the way that he loved to exercise. 7.3a18

She got on board with his favorite way to exercise, and they have been happier ever since!

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