He Just Wanted A New Betta Fish…Instead, He Found This Petsmart’s Darkest Secret!

That morning, he woke up to discover that his own pet betta fish had passed away. He was feeling lonely and didn’t want to spend another night without an adorable pet, so he went out to his local Petsmart to see if he could find a new best friend. He decided to do some good and asked the employee which fish had been there for the longest time. The employee didn’t even blink before picking up a very specific container left in horrible condition. 

He’s been here for a long time because everyone thinks he’s ugly,” the employee said.

The man was shocked. The fish’s water was beyond filthy and the poor little fish had been completely neglected. He didn’t hesitate and decided to bring the fish home so that he could help it. Even if it only lived another day, at least its last day on Earth would be in a clean tank.

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I took this fish up to the counter with water so dirty you could barely even see the fish. The associate at the counter was like, ‘wow that’s one ugly fish’. What. What if I told you that your face was uglier than my betta?” He wrote. He was heartbroken that the poor fish was suffering.

He began to research his fish’s condition and realized that the poor fish had contracted fin rot. He purchased antibiotics to help his betta fight for its life. He placed the fish in a 10-gallon tank. And soon, the fish was healthier than ever.

He looks like a sunflower. Everyone says he’s ugly but he’s a SUN in this tank. He’s fearless.”

He hopes that his story will encourage others not to judge a book by its cover.

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